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Good Hair

Good Hair

Chris Rock learns about relaxer in "Good Hair."

Starring: Chris Rock, Maya Angelou, Ice-T
Directed by: Jeff Stilson (debut)
Written by: Chris Rock (“I Think I Love My Wife”), Lance Crouther (“Down to Earth”), Chuck Skylar (TV’s “The Chris Rock Show”), Jeff Stilson (TV’s “The Showbiz Show with David Spade”)

Comedian Chris Rock takes a break from his normal shtick to give us a hilarious and very informative look at the hair issues of the black community in “Good Hair.” Inspired by his young daughter to explore the topic, Rock pools together some impressive interviewees and takes some clever avenues to develop a highly entertaining documentary that everyone should put on their must-see list for the fall. It would be great if Rock used his comedy to make more of these types of films. There’s bound to be plenty more off-beat themes out there that he should uncover.

Grade: B+

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