Starring: Idris Elba, Beyoncé Knowles, Ali Larter
Directed by: Steve Shill (debut)
Written by: David Loughery (“Lakeview Terrance”)

Note to all the ladies in the house: Keep your hands off rapper Jay-Z.

At least that’s what they should think if his real-life wife Beyoncé Knowles ever turned into the livid lioness she portrays by the conclusion of “Obsessed,” the new thriller that pits the ex-Destiny’s Child singer against “Heroes” star Ali Larter.

In the film Larter plays Lisa, a temp secretary at a financial firm who begins to stalk her happily married boss, Derek Charles (Elba), while his wife Sharon (Knowles) is at home with their infant son unaware of her husband’s long-legged problem.

Although Lisa’s sexual advances continue, Derek doesn’t tell anyone until he is forced to reveal what has been happening when his deranged admirer overdoses on prescription drugs in his hotel room.

The film continues uninterestingly and becomes another poor imitation of others that have come before it. Lisa sulks about her delusional love. Derek tries to stay strong for his family. Sharon builds up rage, which leads up to a 10-minute catfight scene that’s far less intense than movies with similar themes like “Fatal Attraction” or even “Misery.”

Here, the clichés are bountiful and Lisa’s tiresome school-girl crush is absurd from any angle of a dysfunctional relationship. While she plots ways to get into Derek’s pants, screenwriter David Loughery (“Lakeview Terrance”) provides no surprises or tension to keep us involved in the story. Before you know it, the predictable final act ends like most unhealthy relationships do – not quick enough.

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