Starring: Kyle Bornheimer, Eliza Coupe, Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Directed by: Mo Perkins (“A Quiet Little Marriage”)
Written by: Hal Haberman (“Special”)

In “The Last Time You Had Fun,” two pairs of friends (or in one case siblings) who find themselves in various stages of disappointment in their relationships randomly meet at a wine bar and decide to spend a night on the town together to try and recapture the long lost art of fun. It’s too bad the film itself has none of it.

With a cast headlined by somewhat lesser known supporting actors from the comedy world (Kyle Bornheimer, Eliza Coupe, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Demetri Martin), one would think that the entire cast would try to seize the opportunity to take center stage. The only member of the cast that doesn’t completely blend into the film is Coupe, who turns in easily the most nuanced and substantial performance of the bunch.

It is difficult to blame the lack of interest and bland character types on the cast, however, as the screenplay itself is duller than a plastic knife. “The Last Time You Had Fun,” is at a weird edge of alternating between wanting to try to be an edgy romantic comedy and being a statement on the troubles of marriage or long-term commitment. The problem is, neither of these elements is thought out or executed well. Moments intended to be comedic like trying to get medical marijuana, or the aftermath of walking in on a threesome fall completely flat, failing in both humor or any kind of amusement.

It is a bit surprising just how little energy “The Last Time You Had Fun” has, almost as if it is trying to be unassuming to a fault. It is unfortunate that the film can’t do more with a cast who have been successful in smaller roles but haven’t broken out on the big screen quite yet. Instead, all they get is an entirely unfunny and entirely toothless affair.

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