During an interview with me at the Highball in Austin, actors Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek”), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“Superbad”), and Dave Franco (“Charlie St. Cloud”) talked about their remake of the 1985 horror comedy “Fright Night,” which now stars Colin Farrell as a powerful vampire who moves into a suburban neighborhood and feasts on teenagers one by one.

Vampires seem to be the only horror movie creatures that are given this kind of sex appeal on a consistent basis. You never see a shirtless zombie showing off his abs.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: (Laughs) Not yet.

Why do you think so many women are attracted to the idea of vampires?

Anton Yelchin: I think the point at which vampires connect with you is through the neck, which is essentially a sexy zone.

Chris: And they can only be out at nighttime.

Anton: They can only be out at night, right. And they’re immortal.

Chris: They’re not losing flesh like zombies or growing hair like werewolves.

Anton: Yeah, they’re more like enhanced human beings that are immortal. I think people lust for immortality. There is this sexuality that comes with staying young forever.

Chris: Yeah.

Anton: They’re also extremely well hung.

Dave Franco: Vampire cocks.

What about from a guy’s perspective, though? You don’t see as many men lusting over female vampires.

Dave: We were just talking about that actually. What about Salma Hayek in “From Dusk Till Dawn?”

Chris: Yeah, Salma Hayek!

Anton: Salma Hayek!

Well, sure, there are some exceptions but if you were to walk into a bar and saw a female vampire, would you try to pick her up?

Dave: Psht, yeah!

Chris and Anton: (Laughing)

Chris: I mean, it depends. In “True Blood” there are some sexy female vampires that nibble on guys, but don’t turn them, right? So, if that was the case, then yeah. That would be fun as hell.

Anton: Yeah, I’d be down to get nibbled on.

Is there anything you guys are really scared of?

Dave: People.

Anton: Yeah, people.

Chris: I mean, I’m still just scared of spiders.

Dave: Are you really?

Chris: Yeah, really. I freak out.

Anton and Dave: (Whispering) Pussy.

Dave, have you given Chris a chance to redeem himself and try to beat you in another “You’re So Hot” competition?

Chris: He defeated me!

Dave: Ah, man, we have another one in the works with two girls this time and we’ll possibly make a cameo.

Anton: I watched that on the set of “Odd Thomas” and I was in the car with Willem Dafoe and he was saying all the shit you guys were saying.

Dave: Fucking great!

Chris: That’s awesome!

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