Starring: Michael Moore
Directed by: Michael Moore (“Sicko”)
Written by: Michael Moore (“Sicko”)

Twenty years after bursting onto the filmmaking scene with his groundbreaking satire “Roger and Me,” director Michael Moore is more popular and hated as ever. Now, he brings us his seventh documentary (sure, we’ll count 2007’s sketchily-made “Slacker Uprising” as an entry) “Capitalism: A Love Story,” a close cinematic look at how our financial system is leading the country toward a major collapse equivalent to that of the Roman Empire. As with all his other films, Moore gets our attention with biting statistics and entertaining commentary this time on issues plaguing the economy. While it’s not his most sardonic, Moore stays fairly balanced in this editorial to America, which is both timely and thought-provoking. Whether you like him or not, Moore and his archival/investigative team deserve some major credit for unearthing some significant material and packaging it into an insightful chapter in his filmmaking career.

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