Don’t ever ask radio and TV personality Chuey Martínez out to dinner and then take him to a salad bar. Unless salad toppings include spare ribs and sirloin steak, he’s not interested. As the host on the new Travel Channel show “All You Can Meat,” Martínez goes across the country to partake in everything from Texas barbecue to homemade beef jerky. “All You can Meat” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.

Fill us in on some of the places you got the opportunity to visit and what you ate?

Chuey Martínez: Well, I just got back from New Orleans. I ate some jambalaya and crawfish for the first time. In Kansas City, I got to eat some of the best pork ribs I’ve ever had. In Texas, I had some of the best brisket I’ve ever had. In Charlotte, I had some amazing pulled pork.

What kind of spin does being Latino give the show?

I think it gives it a unique spin. I’m part Dominican so I love like my platanos and my yuca and my pollito guisado. But I’m also part Mexican so I love my carne asada and my albondigas. Being Latino, I’m going to give my own flavor and my professional opinion on each thing I try.

How do you know when your full?

(Laughs) I’m like a puppy. I really don’t know. I just put the plate down and walk away. Or I’ll look at my producer and say, “No more.” That hasn’t happened yet.

Did you grow up with a grandma that overfed you?

I think in every Latin household it’s an insult to the women in the family if you say no, especially if it’s in the kitchen. The word no doesn’t exist. If you say no, you’re going to get a chancla to the head. If I said no to my great-grandma she’d be like, “No? Que, que, que? Está loco?” I’m just like, “Grandma, OK. Just leave the whole pot and I’ll finish it.”

Can I assume that because of your name, you like your steak overcooked?

(Laughs) Do I like it chewy? No, actually, I like it really soft and moist.

What do you put on top of it?

I like A-1 steak sauce, Cholula, Tapatío, barbecue sauce, mustard. I’m a big condiment guy.

If there’s still room on your plate, what do you ask the cook to fill that space with: a salad or another steak?

I would say arroz and frijoles.

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