Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera
Directed by: Jeff Tremaine (“Jackass Number 2”)
Written by: Preston Lacy (“TV: The Movie”)

How much fun can you have with a guy who can fart on command? Leave it to the boys of “Jackass” to actually find out.

In “Jackass 3-D,” the third and quite possibly last installment of the film series spun from the wildly popular MTV show, Johnny Knoxville leads his troupe of package-punching friends into another collection of disgusting and sometimes hilarious skits created for a fan base who can probably stomach another round of jokes involving poop, piss, and other slimy bodily excrements that’ll set off your gag reflex.

Adding up to about three full episodes of the original show, “Jackass 3-D,” like its predecessors is hit and miss when it comes to the sketches. The first half of the film showcases the guys’ best work. The most memorable pranks include an oversized hand on a springboard that unmercifully high fives unsuspecting cast members, goofing around behind a jet engine blasting full speed, and a skit where Wee Man (Jason Acuña) gets into a bar fight that actually starts off quite lame but turns into a gut-splitting scenario.

The second half of “Jackass 3-D” focuses on the more nauseating set-ups, the most sickening being Steve-O drinking a cup of Preston Lacy’s sweat collected from him as he runs on a treadmill. While it seems contradictory to what “Jackass” is all about, the more thoughtful and less repulsive gags seem to bring the most laughs.

“Jackass 3-D” misses out on some opportunities to top what they’ve done before, but seem to be just fine with doing what has made them popular for the last decade. There’s really not a lot you can do to enhance mischief in a Port-O-Potty (the 3-D sure doesn’t do it here), but it’s evident the guys still care enough about their idiotic talent to come up with a few new things that’ll make fans squeal in delight.

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  1. yo whats up dudes from jackass. i just wanted to add that in your finally vid of Jackass 3, with the airplane exhaust and throwing shoes and all that other shit, you should have had someone tied down to an anchor with a rope and a gliding suit.. just to see how long they could have flyed.. that shit would have been cool. dont get me wrong im a huge fan, but would have been cool.. yeah a tever line with a parachuet would have been cool…
    gary j

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