Your the main man in this sequel. How does it feel to be the center of attention?

It feels great. I think we have a really good product this time around. It’s always good to get an opportunity to showcase talent so people can embrace it.

You’ve been in a few horror movies in your career. What is it about the genre that keeps you going back for more?

Well, I’m not seeking them out really. I just couldn’t seem to get away from this one. But it’s great. The story is well written which is what draws me in. The clever twists and turns, I think, is a great way to tell stories, which is why I’m still here.

What scares you?

Needles. I don’t like needles. Just the thought makes me unease. Just thinking about that thin metal needle piercing the skin. It’s the whole idea of needles.

What do you think when people categorize films like the “Saw” franchise and other films like “Hostel” under “torture porn?”

I just hear that term before a couple of days ago. I think some people can handle some things and others can’t. If anything is going to far [in terms of violence in movies], I think it’s other filmmakers trying to live up to the expectation of “Saw.” I think “Saw” is totally justified in everything that they do because they’re not using that factor as the selling point. If you were to take away the blood and the gore of “Saw,” you would still have a fabulous story. In [other films] I can’t say the same because they go for the gore and the disgusting factor. When you take that away the story is very weak.

I read that a Canadian magazine named you one of the biggest up-and-coming actors in Canada. Does that put pressure on you as an actor or do you like getting that attention?

No pressure. I really believe in myself. I’m confident enough to be an actor. I don’t need the positive reinforcement to move forward or feel validated. It’s nice when I get them. It’s great to know that I am being recognized by my own peers. As long as I’m working, that’s the validation for me. That means that I have something that someone wants for their projects. I’ll continue to get it because I’m not selfish with it.

Are you ready to move on from the horror genre?

Yes. I’m ready to move on with my career. While the franchise will continue to grow and get bigger and stronger, I have to grow and get bigger and stronger as an actor. The only way to do that is put yourself in a different situation. There are other things I want to do. I’m definitely looking for other material.

So, it would be safe to say that if there was a “Saw V,” which I’m sure there will be, you won’t be part of it?

It would be safe to say that. If I had it my way, that’s the way I would go. I want to do other things right now.

Tell me about your name, Lyriq. Is that your birthname?

It’s my birthname, but it’s actually my middle name and I’m not going to tell you my first name. (Laughing) I decided to use it for acting because people like it. People call me that and it works in the industry.

And do you have any musical talent?

Uh, no. (Laughing) I’m trying though. I’m trying to learn how to sing!

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