Starring: Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Cassi Davis
Directed by: Tyler Perry (“For Colored Girls”)
Written by: Tyler Perry (“For Colored Girls”)

Devout followers aside, director/writer Tyler Perry isn’t doing anyone any favors with his latest dysfunctional dramedy.

“Madea’s Big Happy Family” is so obnoxious, annoying, unfunny, and downright hateful, that watching lunatics freaking out on stage during a paternity episode of “Maury Povich” would be better received. At least “Povich” feels scripted.

With “Family,” the screenplay is merely a collection of pathetically weak male characters and overtly aggressive she-devils who lead hypocritical lives and learn absolutely nothing about salvation and forgiveness.

Loretta Devine does her best as a frustrated matriarch attempting to get her grown children together for dinner to reveal her declining health, but Perry’s pity party overstays its welcome to the point where you wish Devine would skip over the repetitious plot points and just play in traffic.

After 11 films in only seven years, Perry has taken full advantage of the lowbrow niche and raked in millions. To pretend he is the voice of Black America — even for entertainment purposes alone — is disconcerting, irresponsible and, honestly, a little scary.

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