It’s a busy start to 2013 for actress Marlene Forte. Along with returning to her role as Carmen Ramos for the new season of “Dallas,” which premieres on TNT Jan. 28, Forte can also be seen in the new movie spoof “A Haunted House,” which hits theaters Jan. 11. In the comedy, Forte plays Rosa, a parody on the Hispanic maid seen in “Paranormal Activity 2” a couple years ago. Like that maid, Rosa warns the family she works for that there is an evil spirit in the house.

Before we talk about “A Haunted House,” I wanted to get your reaction to Mr. Larry Hagman’s passing (J.R. Ewing on “Dallas”) in November.

First of all, Larry Hagman to me is Major Nelson (his character on the 60’s TV show “I Dream of Jeannie”). He’s TV royalty. Last season I got to work with him a lot. He had so much love for life. It’s going to be very sad when I go back on set. I’m definitely going to feel his absence. It’s so sad that he’s gone, but when you talk about Larry all you can do is smile.

Now, you’re in “A Haunted House,” which is a spoof of horror films like “The Exorcist” and “Paranormal Activity.” Are you a fan of the horror genre?

I like a good scary movie. I don’t like slasher movies – like where someone’s head gets hacked off. I love [Alfred] Hitchcock movies and “The Sixth Sense” and the original “Halloween.” I think [writer/actor] Marlon [Wayans] has done a great job spoofing horror movies in the past with the “Scary Movie” [franchise]. This is a no-holds-bar type of movie. It’s as political incorrect and raunchy as it can be.

Since they’re both maids, how is Rosa different from Carmen on “Dallas?”

Carmen is very proper and moral and is the only one on “Dallas” that doesn’t lie. Rosa is like Carmen’s possessed, crackhead sister that Carmen doesn’t talk about. She’s the total opposite of Carmen. Yes, it’s another maid character but I was laughing out loud when I read the script. At my age, you don’t get the opportunity to be silly, so you have to take it when it comes along.

If your house was haunted, would you get out quickly or wait around to see what might happened?

I’m not really afraid of dead people. It’s the ones that are alive that frighten me.

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