When Mónica Weitzel moved toLos Angelesto become as a singer, she knew she would have to make a living while she pursued her career in music. She never thought working as a promotional model would lead her to owning her own business and staring in her own reality TV show.

As the CEO of promotional modeling agency Assorted Flavors, Weitzel has an armada of attractive models she sends out to promote products for the company’s clients. After establishing Assorted Flavors six years ago, an opportunity to crossover into another industry presented itself in the form of a reality show called “Beauties & the Boss” on mun2.

During an exclusive interview with me, Weitzel and one of her models, Diane Jay González, talked about what type of dynamic there is in a modeling agency full of women and what it actually takes to promote a product.

“Beauties & the Boss” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on mun2.

Mónica, was owning a promotional modeling agency something you set out to do when you moved toL.A.?

Mónica Weitzel: I actually moved toL.A.to be a singer, but the modeling just clicked for me. I started modeling and sometimes a company would ask me to bring a friend along. It got to the point where I got the reputation of always bringing a really cute girl to work with a great personality. All of a sudden, companies were calling me up and asking, “Can you send us some girls?” It kind of just turned into an agency. Now, we are expanding and growing.

How did incorporating a reality show into your business come about and why did you decide to take advantage?

MW: I had the opportunity to meet executive producer Michael McQuarn who was interested in doing a reality show as soon as he heard what I did. Doing a reality show was always in the back of my mind. There is so much drama and hilarious situations happening on a daily basis with this kind of work, not to mention the eye candy is beautiful. So, we sat down and brainstormed and it took off from there. Once it went from the page to the screen, we knew it was made for Latino viewers as well as everyone else.

What is the dynamic like when you put all these women together in one agency and on one show?

MW: To be honest, it hasn’t been so difficult in the agency. One of the blessings for me is that I have a group of very good girls. Everyone is professional. They are there to do a job. A lot of them leave their drama at home. Now, for the show, things are different. Obviously, we wanted them to show us everything. When the cameras go on that’s what we get.

Diane Jay González: There are moments when we do fight and we do not get along. We’re together so much and the cameras are constantly on. We get on each others’ nerves, but at the end of the day we love each other and we’re all family.

Do you forget the cameras are on after a while?

DJG: At the beginning it was an adjustment, but after that you forget they are there. You have to forget because you are there to do a job. You are there to sell a product. The last thing we wanted to do on a reality show like this is act.

When it comes to promoting a product, how much of it is knowing about the actual product, and how much of it is sex appeal?

DJG: Well, obviously everyone loves eye candy, but we also go in knowing about the product because your looks can only take you so far. All the girls on the show are very intelligent. We know all about the products when we go places. Then we just put in that extra spark. We’ve very outgoing and fun women. I think that’s what makes everyone like us. We are talented women who know everything we need to know to be successful.

Are you fine with people referring to “Beauties & the Boss” as a guilty pleasure?

MW: Yeah, guilty pleasures are a good thing. But it’s also a show about Latinas living, working and pursuing our goals.

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