With vampire lore as popular as ever in the entertainment indsutry, actress Sandra Vergara considers herself part of the fan base that has made a TV show like “True Blood” a major hit for HBO.

“I’ve always loved anything that has to do with vampires,” Vergara told me during an exclusive interview for “Fright Night,” the first film of her career. “In reality, there is no such thing as vampires, so I think the world of fantasy always attracts people and is more entertaining than what is happening in real life. The unknown is more fascinating.”

In “Fright Night,” Vergara, who is the younger sister of Sofia Vergara (TV’s “Modern Family),” plays Ginger, the seductive girlfriend of actor David Tennant’s character Peter Vincent, a Criss Angel-type magician who knows a thing or two about fighting vampires.

During our interview, Vergara admits who she thinks is the sexiest vampire she has ever seen, and her biggest fear in life.

Did you know anything about vampire movies before you joined the cast of “Fright Night?”

Yeah, we’ll I had seen the original “Fright Night” and thought it was amazing. When that movie came out it was like the boom of the vampires. With all the hype of “Twilight” and “True Blood,” it was just the perfect time to do another vampire movie. I had a blast.

Why do you think vampires are usually given sex appeal?

I think it’s something very psychological that has to do with blood and fangs. It’s kinky in a way. Really, there’s nothing that sexy about sucking blood out of someone else’s neck, right? But there’s something sensual about the neck and how vampires move and talk and dress. Usually in movies, the vampires are cast as very handsome men and sexy women. That itself makes them more appealing.

So, who have been some of your favorite vampires in recent years?

I think Colin Farrell does a vampire better than anyone I’ve ever seen. But if I had to choose someone else it would be Alexander Skarsgard from “True Blood.” I think he’s the sexiest vampire. I love “True Blood.” I’m a big fan of his. Alexander actually works out at my gym. Whenever I see him on the treadmill I just drool.

Tell me about your experience on a movie set, especially since this is the first major film you’ve ever worked on.

Yeah, this is my first movie. It was such a pleasure working with an A-list cast. It’s a very well-written, produced, and directed movie. It’s not like the typical horror movie. It was very artistic for me, from the special effects to the makeup. We had the makeup artists who worked on “The Chronicles of Narnia.” They worked with me and gave me fangs and contact lenses. Everything was amazing. I was very flattered and felt very blessed to be working on that set. I never thought I would get the role of Ginger. I actually thought I was going to play someone else. To my surprise, when I arrived on set, I was cast as a whole new character.

Which character did you think you were going to play?

I thought I was going to play Doris. Then I thought I was going to play an assistant during a magic show, which is only a fragment of my character Ginger. When I got to the set, I learned I was also going to play the magician’s girlfriend and had some new funny scenes and monologues. I had to improvise, which was awesome.

Are you easily scared when it comes to horror movies?

What scares me most is anything that has to do with ghosts. Japanese horror movies scare me like the original “Ring” – “Ringu.”  All those are pretty scary. Monsters or vampires don’t really scare me.

Have you ever experienced anything paranormal?

No, not really.

I know some people that would like to see a ghost sometime in their life.

No thank you. I do not want to see a ghost ever. I’ll let them rest in peace wherever they are. That’s actually my biggest fear.

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