It might not be evident from his role as laid-back DEA Agent Steven Gómez on the hit AMC drama “Breaking Bad,” but actor Steven Michael Quezada is a funny guy. With only eight episodes left in the final season, Quezada hopes he can get back to touring as a stand-up comedian. He spoke to me about his comedy routine and how little action his character has seen in 4½ years on the show.

I had no idea you were a comedian. Is that something you’re hoping more people learn about you as your career continues?

Yeah, people don’t think I’m a comedian. They see me as this really straight tough guy on TV. It’s cool when they find out because they start supporting my [stand-up] shows. I started doing comedy as a way to feed myself. I did pretty well on the comedy circuit. I decided to take a break in 2007 and do more acting, but I’m ready to get back into touring. “Breaking Bad” has kept me busy.

Busy chasing after the bad guys…

Trying to catch the bad guys, but I haven’t caught nothing! Me and Hank (Steven’s partner played by actor Dean Norris) are the dumbest cops alive. My gun doesn’t even come out of the holster. It’s glued in. All the cops love us for the way we portray cops on TV, but they have to be mad at us because we haven’t busted anybody in five years. Well, there was that janitor with the joint in Season 1.

Do you talk about Latino issues in your routine?

Yeah. People will come up to me and ask, “Why do you do Latino stuff?” and I say, “Because it’s our turn for the spotlight.” I tried to be a redneck comedian, but it didn’t go over very well. My comedy is what I experience and what I see.

Since just about anything can happen on “Breaking Bad,” do you think we could ever see Gómez double-cross Hank?

Nah, it’s one of those verbally abusive relationships that work. Being a Mexican on “Breaking Bad” is hard enough. I think I’m the only Mexican still alive.

When do you start shooting the second half of the final season?

We start shooting Dec. 6.

You’ve made it this far. Are you worried about the possibility of getting killed off?

You bet I’m worried! But this is the final eight episodes, so people are going to die. People are going down!

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