Starring: Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott
Directed by: Tyler Perry (“Why Did  I Get Married?”)
Written by: Tyler Perry (“Why Did  I Get Married?”)

It’s about time director/writer/actor Tyler Perry sits down and has a heart-to-heart conversation with himself. He needs to ask what his role in this film industry is now that he has taken full advantage of his core audience and delivered to them relatable albeit not very memorable stories. With “Why Did I Get Married Too?” Perry continues to lose steam and rehashes most of the same themes and characters he has been creating for the last eight years. It says something about Perry’s career when the best film his name is attached to is last year’s harrowing drama “Precious.” In that film, Perry took on a producer role and did a masterful job helping sell that movie to mainstream audiences. It’s time he realizes he needs to be the man who goes out and looks for the talent and puts his money behind the talent instead of masquerading as the talent.

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