I just saw the show “Wicked” last night for the first time ever. I had been looking forward to it for over a year now and had heard only great things about it. I’ve finally let it all sink in and although I am not about to write a theater review (because that’s just not what this site is about) I can honestly say I’m probably the only human being in the world that isn’t a fan of this show. While I won’t get into my dislike of “Wicked,” I have posted a film clip (because I usually always tie things I’ve experienced in my life to something film related) that encompasses my feelings on the popular show. You might not understand where I am coming from, but this is all I could think about when I walked out of that show last night.

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  1. Im a theater nerd so I was really excited to see it. I was happy when I left. I felt good about life. Then I grabbed the book, and I realized that “Wicked the Musical” is “Wicked for Dummies”. I still love the music and what they tried to do with the story. It’s nothing like the book though. The book is dark, thought provoking, sad and MUCH better than the musical.

    But I still like Galinda’s “Popular” and I catch myself saying “toss toss- toss toss”!!

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