Kiko Martinez – Founder & Editor

Kiko is a lifelong San Antonian who has been diagnosed with OCMD (Obsessive Compulsive Movie Disorder) but is not currently seeking treatment. He has never met a movie he won’t watch and prides himself in giving all cinema its fair chance to impress him. Kiko earned his degree in journalism and has been writing reviews and articles on film since 2001 for countless newspapers and magazines around the U.S. Some of the major outlets that have published his work are Variety, Rolling Stone, Emmy Magazine and Tribeca. Currently, Kiko is a contributing writer for Remezcla, My San Antonio, and the San Antonio Current. He is a member of the Critics Choice Association, Houston Film Critics Society, Hollywood Creative Alliance, Online Film Critics Society and is a founding member and vice president of the Latino Entertainment Journalists Association. Kiko has interviewed everyone from Dakota Fanning to Bill Maher and hopes to one day pick the brain of his favorite director Paul Thomas Anderson. Kiko lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife Anabel, their daughter Alora, son Mateo, and three dogs: a pug named Lulu; a shih tzu named Mochi; and a French bulldog named Oomie.

“There are times when you have to choose between being a human and having good taste.” -Bertolt Brecht

Jerrod Kingery – Contributing Writer

Jerrod has lived in San Antonio his entire life, and has pretty much been a giant nerd the whole time, give or take a few years when he was either in college or a pre-verbal infant. He fell in love with movies in high school, even writing and directing a few of his own short films along the way. Maybe you’ve seen “Kosmic Kung Fu Warriors.” No? Well, he’s also the co-creator of the Emmy-nominated puppet-based web series “Perspectives,” which a few more people saw. Currently, he serves as the co-host and producer of it’s film review show. Jerrod is a member of the Houston Film Critics Society.




Cody Villafana – Contributing Writer

Born and raised in San Antonio, Cody Villafana’s earliest movie memory was watching “The Jungle Book” every day when he was a child. As the years passed, his passion for film increased and a young film critic was born. Maybe because he wanted to find out why the air conditioner in “The Brave Little Toaster” always scared him as a kid, Cody earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas – San Antonio and earned his master’s in counseling. Now, along with being able to dissect a film and write solid reviews, he can tell Kiko and Jerrod what the hell is wrong with them. Cody is a member of the Houston Film Critics Society.




Steven Ybarra – Webmaster

Steven Ybarra is a man of few words. But those words count.











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