Star Wars: The Last Jedi

“[Daisy Ridley] anchors and drives the emotional and narrative core of the film. Her focus is unblinking.”

The LEGO Batman Movie

“At its best and most brilliant in these moments of winking, hyperbolic-yet spiritually-reverent adaptation.”

The Light Between Oceans

“Bathed in exquisitely aching restraint and soul-rending inner turmoil, its potboiler escapist theater.”


“Worth watching, particularly for fans of fighting-giants, feel-good athletics films.”

War Dogs

“There’s harrowing ugly-truth-telling to keep things entertaining and eye-opening all the way through.”

Blood Father

“The dialogue is clever, laced with satire, but not too much; in spots, it’s lightly reminiscent of Shane Black.”


“With its somewhat scaled-back scares, it feels a bit more like a kids’ movie than the original.”

Knight of Cups

“A concert for the soul and the senses and latest reminder of how very desperately we need Malick.”

Triple 9

“A somewhat Byzantine cat-and-cat-and-mouse-and-more-cats-and-other-cats-dressed-as-mice game.”