“Eerie…Images are striking and individual moments are uniquely scary despite a familiar formula.”

Annabelle: Creation

“A concise horror movie; a much-needed course correction and enticing look at things to come.”

Atomic Blonde

“There’s a great ballet of carnage on display, but the remainder of the film is so painfully out of tune.”

The Beguiled

“Compelling storytelling. A horrifying look into the complex intricacies of human nature.”

Baby Driver

“There’s just so much to love and relish here. Before you even know it, it will have stolen your heart.”

47 Meters Down

“Mixes pulp and terror. Successfully depicts the unsettling creepiness that is endless ocean.”

Fantastic Fest Review: Zoology

Ivan I. Tverdovskiy’s “Zoology” is certainly one of the tamer features I’ve ever seen at Fantastic Fest. There isn’t a single drop of blood, no deadly creatures, no body mutilation, no gross-out humor, or anything of the kind onscreen that can often be associated with this Drafthouse-based film festival. But it’s that lack of such content that makes Tverdovskiy’s second feature film such an incredible feat of storytelling. It may not feature the usual characteristics of genre films that play the festival, but it is reaches cathartic depths that other films of its type never even dream of.

Fantastic Fest Review: Don’t Kill It

Of all the films that open with multiple family massacres, “Don’t Kill It” is the funniest of the bunch. The new film from Mike Mendez (“Big Ass Spider!”) deftly blends humor and action to create a wickedly entertaining ride destined to become a cult classic.

Fantastic Fest Days 1 & 2 Recap: Turtles, Creepy Elevators & Everything in Between

After a one-year absence, I finally ventured north was again to Austin for Fantastic Fest. Honestly, those 365 days felt much longer. I missed the people, the sense of community, and the celebration of all things film. I had to bow out of attending 2015’s Fantastic Fest since I was busy planning my wedding. Not that I’m complaining. Not really. Besides, this year I get to bring my favorite movie buddy and new bride with me, and I’m definitely not complaining about that.