About Time

“A delightful, wonderfully surprising screenplay about the relationship between a father and son.”


“A perfectly-paced and exciting action-drama…a champion of good cinema.”

Tio Papi

“By the time the final scene rolls around, you are drained with disbelief in how bad this is.”


“You can guess where it’s going and how it’ll get there, but the ride has its moments.”

The Heat

“The girls are able to put their own spin on the set-up and the laughs are consistently on target.”

Monsters University

“So darn cute, it’ll make you want to grab your BFF and give them a monster-sized cuddle.”

After Earth

“Director Shyamalan damages the film beyond repair with trite dialogue and melodramatic one liners.”


“Unsuccessful at capturing the emotions of the entire story thanks to a static storyline.”