Their Finest

“Isn’t quite the strong female-empowerment movie it wants to be, but it is well-performed.”


“It’s a tough nut to crack, [but] it’s harrowing and challenging; well performed and well written.”

Manchester by the Sea

“There’s a certain pain in Casey Affleck’s face that is visible in almost every scene.”

The Accountant

“A really solid Ben Affleck performance and is actually quite gripping in moments.”


“Feels extremely one-sided and doesn’t allow audiences to make their own decision.”


“A well-performed, acceptable tale of American heroism, despite Eastwood’s complete lack of subtlety.”

Hell or High Water

“Takes a rudimentary bank robbing plotline and elevates it to truly special heights.”

The Infiltrator

“The best thing the film has working for it is its sense of tension. It does, however, become plodding.”