10 Cloverfield Lane

“A complete bait and switch, and perhaps worse, the creation of tension only for the sake of tone.”

Gods of Egypt

“The blame should be shouldered by a really mediocre script that can’t decide what it wants to be.”

Hail, Caesar!

“A complete slog that churns its way through its runtime and wastes its spectacular cast.”

The Finest Hours

“Poorly written. It feels excruciatingly long and each scene is more tedious than the last.”


“An underwhelming and surface level film that never truly inspires enough empathy.”


“Take away all of the unnecessary plot contrivances, sex, women, fast cars and guns and nothing remains.”


“Spends a chunk of time in hero worship mode, almost as if it is trying to protect the legacy of Rather.”

Crimson Peak

“Any horror elements, mostly taking place in the form of ghosts, feel like a complete afterthought.”

The Walk

“Feels like rejected Disney material, complete with a lame meet-cute and stereotypical imagery.”

The Martian

“The total cinematic package – humorous, gripping, intelligent and extremely entertaining.”