Vox Lux

“Director Brady Corbet means to say something contentious about the culture of celebrity.”

At Eternity’s Gate

“Confronts van Gogh’s mental instability with inventive style and philosophical reflection.”

Creed II

“Can’t recapture the distinctive voice of director Ryan Coogler. The sequel suffers because of it.”

The Front Runner

“Like all politicians, the film is flawed. As Gary Hart, Hugh Jackman is genuinely believable.”

Green Book

“Director Peter Farrelly hit an appropriately inspirational and life-affirming theme and tone with ease.”

A Private War

“Captures the fearlessness…that shaped who Marie Colvin was when she was embedded on the battlefield.”


“Regrettably, ‘Widows’ forgets that it is – first and foremost – supposed to be a believable heist flick.”


“A low-key family affair that gives way to a narrative where aggravation and resentment simmer beneath.”

Boy Erased

“Doesn’t simplify its characters. It wants audiences to understand the complexities of the relationships.”

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

“Combination of dark comedy and drama builds on the narrative’s stranger-than-fiction premise.”