The Wrestler

“Vibrant, inspiring, and extremely sincere…it’s the best film of 2008.”


“A tedious collection of one-dimensional throwaways in a talky and thematically unbalanced script.”

Revolutionary Road

“Small town suburbia becomes a story of psychological survival between two self-delusional lovers backed into a corner.”

Gran Torino

“Another solid piece of work from Eastwood, but one that would easily feel ordinary without him taking the lead.”

Marley & Me

“You’d have to have a heart made of rawhide not to feel a tad gushy while watching ‘Marley & Me.'”


“Raw emotion and talent. It’s an actor’s showcase.”


“A suitable action thriller with political undertones.”

Yes Man

“Everything is just so random at times even the quirky chemistry between [Jim] Carrey and [Zooey] Deschanel…gets lost.”

Seven Pounds

“Not so much thoughtful as it is apparent and improbable.”