“The problems lie in J. Michael Straczynski’s overambitious script.”

Pride and Glory

“Director Gavin O’Connor’s stock answer for the crime-drama genre.”


“A candid and scrappy political drama laced with some comedic moments.”

The Secret Life of Bees

“The film does pull at the heartstrings, but not in a contriving or melodramatic way.”

The Express

“Hammers obvious elements into an already unstable script.”

City of Ember

“It might be good enough for water park ride enthusiasts, but not for someone who wants a little more spirited adventure.”

Body of Lies

“Sreenwriter Monahan manages to scramble second-rate political jargon into [a] talky action film.”

The Duchess

“As an emotionally wrecked figure [Keira] Knightley captures her [character’s] essence wonderfully.”

Flash of Genius

“Its movements might be predictable, but the pacing is consistent and gets the job done solidly.”


“Metaphors come off heavy-handed and wasted.”