“Allows the human element to become the focus of the gripping geopolitical drama.”

The Lovely Bones

“An intriguing first act…but ultimately as pretty and flat as a watercolor painting.”

Broken Embraces

“An exquisitely multi-layered and cleverly-written contribution to be appreciated.”

Sherlock Holmes

“Amped up for a new generation, the storyline is more soupy that scholarly.”

It’s Complicated

“There are plenty of hearty laughs that will resonate most with mature audiences.”


“A shocking tale of emotional-numbing agony…[that is ultimately] a curiosity piece.”


“For those imaginations that crave a spectacular tour into a world never seen before.”

Up in the Air

“Full of charming and touching anecdotes. The film soars as one of the year’s best.”

The Princess and the Frog

“Less of a storybook fairytale as it is a textbook exercise to recapture Disney’s glory days.”


“Captures the essence of Nelson Mandela’s political achievement and activism.”


“There’s not much to Nimrod Antal’s predictable heist flick that makes for an interesting story.”