The Muppets

“In many ways, the film is both a charming return to form and a surprising letdown.”

Take Shelter

“The sense of dread director/writer Jeff Nichols delivers in only his second film is suffocating.”

Tower Heist

“Has it’s moments with a solid cast, but is still a poor man’s version of ‘Ocean’s 11.'”


“Feels so calculated, even the names of the lead characters sound like they were overanalyzed.”

Higher Ground

“Farmiga’s first go-around as director doesn’t translate to a narrative with purpose.”


“A baseball movie for nerds…that dissect the game into an intriguing underdog story.”

Attack the Block

“Desperately wants to be for sci-fi thrillers what ‘Shaun of the Dead’ was for zombie movies.”

The Lion King 3D

“It was already phenomenal 17 years ago without the additional dimension.”

Life, Above All

“There is no denying the emotional fortitude that creates the pulse in this harrowing film.”

The Debt

“Unpredictable…director John Madden allows the leisurely-paced narrative to unfold naturally.”

The Help

“A moving and somewhat frustrating dramedy set in the midst of the simmering ’60s Civil Rights Era.”