Ender’s Game

“Suffers the same fate as ‘John Carter’,’ another long-gestating sci-fi adaptation…a knock off.”

About Time

“A delightful, wonderfully surprising screenplay about the relationship between a father and son.”

The Counselor

“A complicated mess…’The Counselor’ just might be the most surprising failure of the year.”

Bad Grandpa

“Jokes falling flat are par for the course…but the gags that hit will have you rolling.”

The Fifth Estate

“The details of the sources of the leaks are fascinating topics that this film merely glosses over.”

Captain Phillips

“It’s easily Hanks’ best performance since his last Oscar nomination in 2001’s ‘Cast Away.'”

Machete Kills

“Equal parts satire and parody, it piles on the craziness with reckless abandon from the get-go.”

Still Mine

“The film clearly serves as a platform for Cromwell’s performance, which is quite strong.”

Don Jon

“A flawed yet jaunty adult-themed comedy that puts the spotlight on male sexuality.”


“A perfectly-paced and exciting action-drama…a champion of good cinema.”

Enough Said

“Understated humor and unpretentious drama…sweet and oftentimes sad.”