Exodus: Gods and Kings

“You’ll be exhausted after meandering through a snazzed-up version of a story you’ve seen before.”

Top Five

“Most fun when Rock gets to let loose, be himself and parade out his cavalcade of comedian friends.”

The Babadook

“Emotionally disturbing…Kent creates such a natural and menacing tone throughout the film.”


“A fascinating collection of footage that feels essential, regardless of where you lie on the issue.”

Penguins of Madagascar

“With John Malkovich’s voice work and our arctic heroes leading the way, it’s harmless fun.”

Horrible Bosses 2

“Has no real reason to exist and is less funny and inferior in every way to its predecessor.”

The Homesman

“A low-key western with a mildly cantankerous performance from Tommy Lee Jones.”

The Theory of Everything

“Redmayne lends himself entirely to capturing every uncomfortable nuance of Hawking’s being.”

Dumb and Dumber To

“A series of brutally humorless puns and easy jokes at the expense of messing up turns of phrases.”


“Features a pair of opposing characters moviegoers won’t be able to shift their eyes from.”

Saving Christmas

“Even the most faithful Christians will have to recognize how agonizingly padded this movie is.”