AFF Film Review: Circle the Wagen

Starring: Dave Torstenson, Charlie Pecoraro, Pete Sottnik Directed by: Ryan Steven Green Written by: Ryan Steven Green (debut) and Charlie Pecoraro (debut) Some of the best types of documentaries are those hold a magnifying glass to interesting or relatively unknown subcultures. In “Circle the Wagen,” Dave Torstenson buys his dream car, a 1972 Volkswagen Bus […]

AFF Interview – Circle the Wagen

In the documentary “Circle the Wagen,” Dave Torstenson buys his dream car, a 1972 Volkswagen bus (later named “The Croc”) on eBay. Though it is beat up, he makes the trip out to Iowa to pick it up and drive it back home to California. After abandoning it once in a failed attempt, Dave tries […]

AFF Film Review: Blood Punch

Starring: Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet, Ari Boyland Directed by: Madellaine Paxson (debut) Written by: Eddie Guzelian (debut) Take a couple of former actors from “Power Rangers R.P.M.” and a writer and director team whose credits include “Lilo and Stitch: The Series” and “Kim Possible,” among other children’s shows and what do you get? How about the dark, […]

AFF Film Review: Always Learning

Starring: Drew Benjamin Jones, Kathleen Normington, Julian Huguet Directed by: Robert Krakower (debut) Written by: Robert Krakower (debut) As a 17-year-old kid who has been homeschooled his entire life, Tobiah (Drew Benjamin Jones) gets a taste of life outside his bubble when he meets Joey, (Sam Martin) a rebellious teenager in “Always Learning,” an exceedingly […]

AFF Film Review: Scrapper

“An offensive, obnoxious, unfunny and badly-acted comedy/drama by director and co-writer Brady Hall.”