The Upside

“Hart and Cranston produce a few sincere moments…but it’s nowhere near memorable.”

Isle of Dogs

“Fans of Anderson’s idiosyncratic work will enjoy the wonderful world of wagging tails he has created.”

Power Rangers

“Before they get to ride in their giant robot dinosaurs, we have to suffer through plodding training montages.”

The Infiltrator

“The best thing the film has working for it is its sense of tension. It does, however, become plodding.”

Kung Fu Panda 3

“The narrative is warm and light enough, although much of it isn’t what anyone would consider original.”


“Timely…A solid political spy movie, despite being gift wrapped a little too neatly.”

Total Recall

“A dull sci-fi slog…Implant a positive memory and watch the original version on DVD instead.”


“This strange, unique take on a heist movie lacks substance and characterization.”