Rudo y Cursi

“Bernal and Luna are lighthearted enough to overlook some of the formulaic scenes.”

Next Day Air

“A comedy caper that decelerates after a quick start followed by a psychotic ending.”

17 Again

“Efron can’t squeeze out enough charisma and charm to get past the lazy script.”

Observe and Report

“Rogen is reason enough to tip the scales of justice toward favorable.”

Miss March

“A movie that’s just as cringe-inducing as the idea of Hugh Hefner in bed with 19-year-old twins.”

Fired Up!

“Plays out more like a parody of something awful instead of just something that’s truly awful.”

The Pink Panther 2

“It’s so dispiriting to remember when Steve Martin was actually funny.”

Bride Wars

“Give me a ‘chick flick’ any day of the week but don’t lose the wit while doing it.”