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There’s a really good chance I’ll get to interview San Antonio’s own Academy Award-nominated actor Jackie Earle Haley for his role as the new Freddy Krueger in the upcoming remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

In 2003, I got to interview original Freddy Krueger Robert Englund (see Robert and I to the right) so talking with Jackie should be a lot of fun. The last time I interviewed Jackie was back in 2006 for his Oscar-nominated role in “Little Children.” If you haven’t seen that movie, put it on your Netflix queue. It was No. 3 on my Top Ten list for 2006.

So, anyone have a question they’d like to ask one of the most famous psychopathic serial killer in movie history? Send in your questions and I’ll pick a handful of the best and include them in my interview.

Also, if I end up picking your question, I’ll send you a ticket to the San Antonio pre-screening of the movie (only if is named as a sponsor). “A Nightmare on Elm Street” opens in theaters April 30.

Congrats to all ‘Orphan’ ticket winners

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Congratulations to all the winners (listed below) of the “Orphan” ticket contest!

Here are the correct answers:

  1. Children of the Corn
  2. The Omen
  3. The Good Son
  4. The Bad Seed
  5. Village of the Damned
  6. Firestarter

Since there were so many entries, I had to be kind of nitpicky with everyone’s answers. For example, if you gave the answer “Fire Starter” instead of “Firestarter,” I had to mark the answer incorrect. I know, I’m a big jerk!

Also, the answer to No. 5 was “Village of the Damned” not “Children of the Damned.” Although both are real movies (adapted from John Wyndham’s book), “Children of the Damned” came out four years after the original “Village of the Damned” of 1960 and did not feature kids with blonde hair.

Other interesting albeit incorrect answers I received were “The Midnight Hour” for No. 3 and “The Twilight Zone” for No. 4. Also, again, with the numerous entries I received, I had to mark typos incorrect. So, answers like “The Godson,” “Village of the Dome,” and “Village of the Dame” were unfortunately off by a keystroke or two.

Your winners are:

  • Janet Espinoza
  • Caitlin Gallardo
  • Lucie Gallardo
  • Robert Gallardo
  • Erica Gallego
  • Andres Juarez
  • Julie Leathers
  • Michael Matthey
  • Olen Rangel
  • Herb Shadrock

Be sure to check back for new contests and giveaways!

Congrats to all the ‘Harry Potter’ winners!

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” ticket giveaway. I didn’t realize how many people in San Antonio want to be invisible or have a flying broomstick! Well, winners have already been notified. If you didn’t win this time around, participate in the next contest! Here is a list of those who won:

  1. Annabelle Murray
  2. Nelda Garcia
  3. AJ Palacios
  4. James Martinez
  5. Jake Palczewski
  6. Katy Alexander
  7. Deborah Cantu
  8. Melanie Starbuck
  9. Ronny
  10. Daniel Gonzalez
  11. Mia Lopez
  12. Jesse Ochoa
  13. Courtney
  14. Marilyn Litt
  15. Elisa Luna
  16. Brianna Brown
  17. Eric Lopez
  18. Hilary DeBow
  19. Felicia Canto
  20. Roberto Perez

And below is my favorite answer. Remember that creativity counts a lot and if you make me laugh you get bonus points!

Favorite answer (by Jesse Ochoa):
“Perhaps the magical possession I would like to have is Harry Potter’s owl. I love animals, and Potter’s owl is extremely adorable; especialy compared to Ron’s pet (weasel? rat?) Not only would I have the opportunity to take care of such a pet, I have never seen that owl eat a thing. I mean, a pet that doesn’t eat…much less poop…is like a tamagotchi pet with fur. In addition, since Potter’s owl also sends mail for him across distant lands by handling Potter’s mail and flying, it could very well be the demise of text messaging and email as we know it. So on top of having a beautiful white owl that doesn’t eat, whine about wanting a cracker, and provides free unlimited messaging anywhere in the world; there is nothing more magical.”

Other favorites:
“I would like to be able to transform into different animals and items. It would be cool to turn into a peguin so I could just chill in the Sea World enclosure, because its just too hot right now.”

“My most desired magical possession would be a wand – which gives you near unlimited magical power. Mine would be stained purple and I would use it to get the kids to finally clean their room, or the laundry to fold itself and be placed in the proper drawers or closets. It would definitely be with me at work – so I could turn a complaining client into a donkey or a quacking duck! When I return home a flick of the wand would run me a nice, hot bubble bath to relax in and when I’m finished a delicious dinner would (magically) appear on the dinner table! And, if I’m lucky enough – my wand will bring me a ticket for two to the pre-screening of ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.'”

“First gotta have the NIMBUS 2000 to travel to work, avoid traffic, no gas worries, and its green friendly! Second, the MARAUDERS MAP so i’ll see my boss coming and stop surfing the web and get to work. Third, the INVISIBLE CLOAK so i can ease drop on good gossip at work. Fourth would be to use POLYJUICE POTION and change to the CEO of my company and tell my boss to promote me asap. Lastly i would have a huge stock pile of WEASLEY FIREWORKS cause they would rock for 4th of July and New Years!”

Again, congrats to those who won and come back for more contests. Also, read my latest film reviews and celebrity interviews and watch me on Flicker Footnotes at every Friday !

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