Ep. 156 – The Hunt, Blow the Man Down

In the second week of the COVID-19 movie theater lockdown, Cody and Jerrod review the new-to-VOD release “The Hunt” and Amazon’ Prime original “Blow the Man Down.” Click here to download the episode!

Palo Alto

“The pity party director Coppola throws for each of her characters is far too blatant to dismiss.”

Celeste and Jesse Forever

“Script takes some unique angles and allows the nerdy chemistry between its leads to play out naturally.”

The Art of Getting By

“A self-important, stock indie that finds a way to hit every superficial cliche possible.”

Scream 4

“Returning back to the scene of the crime simply feels outdated and conventional.”

Valentine’s Day

“Gluttons for this type of cheap, faux-holiday filler will eat it up without much thought.”

Hotel for Dogs

“Easily-entertained young children and biased dog lovers might enjoy the cuteness.”