Out of the Furnace

“Lack of a narrative focus is one of the reasons the film fails from a storytelling perspective.”

Lee Daniels’ The Butler

“Emotionally effective and intensified strongly by issues of the era, the film benefits from its talent in front of the camera.”

The Last Stand

“While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence is entertaining, the story just isn’t interesting enough.”

Repo Men

“Laughable…doesn’t have much to fall back on once the blood dries up.”

Our Family Wedding

“Jokes play race card without remorse and each one is less amusing than the last.”

Street Kings

“[Director] Ayer’s lands some solid punches with the boys in blue, but doesn’t give us enough depth from the main and supporting characters.”

Vantage Point

“As the web of characters gets thicker, it’s harder to feel any sense of mystery.”