The Space Between Us

“Might be enough to placate some less discerning audiences, but it’s inauthentic.”


“Sets its sights on the ethical dilemma of drone warfare…with a muddier, more somber tone.”

The Dark Knight Rises

“Feels epic…but this final chapter doesn’t necessarily reach its full potential.”

Red Riding Hood

“Piles on the dreadful dialogue and unconvincing romance like salad-bar fixings.”

The Book of Eli

“Relies on a thoughtless narrative and plot twist, which does nothing to tie up loose ends.”

Planet 51

“Hard to tell where admiration for the sci-fi genre ends and unoriginality begins.”

A Christmas Carol

“Much darker and visually pleasing than anything that has come before.”

The Unborn

“Hellacious…regurgitates everything that is wrong with the horror genre today.”