Ep. 147 – 1917, Just Mercy, and reactions to this year’s Oscar nominees

The CineSnob Podcast comes roaring into 2020 with reviews of “1917” and “Just Mercy.” Cody and Jerrod also talk Oscar nominations, including how we got to “Joker” having 11 nominations. Also, Cody recaps his visit to the annual Houston Film Critics Society awards show. Click here to download the episode!

Ep. 145 – Little Women, Uncut Gems

Merry Christmas from The CineSnob Podcast! Let Cody and Jerrod stuff your stocking with reviews of “Little Women” and “Uncut Gems.” Click here to download the episode!

Isle of Dogs

“Fans of Anderson’s idiosyncratic work will enjoy the wonderful world of wagging tails he has created.”

Lady Bird

“There is life behind the universal themes Gerwig explores with her own sense of wide-eyed wonderment.”


“Begins and ends with Natalie Portman’s powerful performance, as she masks her pain with poise.”

Mistress America

“Noah Baumbach has written unlikeable characters before that go down a whole lot smoother.”

Greta Gerwig – Frances Ha

“I’m OK with the term muse, [but] I feel like I’m the loudest muse that the world has ever seen.”

Frances Ha

“Greta Gerwig drives the film into a place where very clever and high-spirited dialogue prevails.”

Damsels in Distress

“Smart-alecky…like its cast of female talent, the film never realizes it’s full potential.”


“Brand is bare-boned and all by himself, which doesn’t do him any favors.”

No Strings Attached

“Unfortunate…a rom-com that mistakes a little fun between the sheets with edge.”


“Original and refreshingly geeky.”