“Spiritual successor to Larry Clark’s controversial 1995 indie ‘Kids,’ although not nearly as provocative.”

Fantastic Fest 2018 Review – Mid90s

Starring: Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston, Lucas Hedges Directed by: Jonah Hill (debut) Written by: Jonah Hill (“21 Jump Street”) Few actors can weave in and out of genres as seamlessly as Jonah Hill has done it within the last few years. Known mostly as a comedic actor that has grown from the Judd Apatow family tree, Hill has […]

War Dogs

“There’s harrowing ugly-truth-telling to keep things entertaining and eye-opening all the way through.”

True Story

“It’s probably good to know as little as possible before watching it unravel piece by piece.”

22 Jump Street

“A near-masterpiece of subversion. A brilliant, hilarious deconstruction of just what a sequel is made of.”

The Wolf of Wall Street

“Director Martin Scorsese slips into this filmmaking style like it’s a well-worn shoe.”

This is the End

“The laughs are relatively steady throughout the film, though there is a lull towards the middle and end.”

Django Unchained

“A sharply-written spectacle masked as a spaghetti western. Sergio Leone would be proud, traumatized.”

21 Jump Street

“Filmmakers toss all logic aside, don’t overdo the nostalgia, and simply have fun with it.”