“Foreboding. A somber revisionist interpretation that fails to reach the story’s full potential.”

American Ultra

“A disaster. Sleepwalks for 90 minutes, throwing in obligatory plot contrivances just for the hell of it.”

Still Alice

“Julianne Moore anchors the film with a heartbreaking performance, likely to finally nab her an Oscar.”

Breaking Dawn – Part 1

“Skull-crushingly terrible…pukes the prose onto the screen with little regard for anyone or anything.”


“The best of ‘The Twilight Saga’ franchise. That, however, doesn’t say much.”

The Runaways

“An average narrative about a musical group’s rise to fame and fall from grace.”

New Moon

“Inundated with enough hamminess to fill the next two films in the series.”


“It’s a darkly funny combination of modest 80s references and a depressing motif.”


“It’ll hit the demographic fine, but for everyone else the romance might stall.”