“Regrettably, ‘Widows’ forgets that it is – first and foremost – supposed to be a believable heist flick.”


“It’s a tough nut to crack, [but] it’s harrowing and challenging; well performed and well written.”

Run All Night

“No different than any other performance in any other action film Liam Neeson’s starred in.”

Third Person

“Plot points grow in banality… Haggis runs through the cliché handbook to carry the film forward.”


“Features a final act that is predictable and absurd, even considering the ridiculous synopsis.”


“Director Peter Berg manages to turn in just another brain-dead destruco-porn alien invasion movie.”

Wrath of the Titans

“Even with a sparse script, the film manages to improve on its predecessor.”

The Grey

“A surprisingly thoughtful thriller with a lot more to say than most man vs. Mother Nature survival stories.”

Clash of the Titans

“Offers some escapism, but fails to deliver much more than the stock epic standard.”


“Cumbersome…shifts back and forth from tasteful to tawdry without much explanation.”