Thor: Ragnarok

“Director Taika Watiti delivers solidly when the film goes for laughs, which are often wonderfully weird.”


“Takes the research and backroom politics of investigative journalism and turns it into an art form.”

Infinitely Polar Bear

“A charming and heartfelt albeit shamelessly sweet drama. A fantastic performance by Mark Ruffalo.”


“Somber and unquestionably dark, yet it is slow moving to the point of feeling labored and cold.”

Thanks for Sharing

“Not perfect film, but it’s a decent little glimpse into the world of sex addiction.”

The Avengers

“Watching Thor’s hammer slam down onto Captain America’s shield is the stuff of epic wonder.”

Shutter Island

“The twist and turns might be sharp, but that doesn’t make them any less dull.”


“Metaphors come off heavy-handed and wasted.”