The Martian

“The total cinematic package – humorous, gripping, intelligent and extremely entertaining.”

Gangster Squad

“A glossed-over crime drama that feels like it’s been pulled straight from the Sunday funnies.”

End of Watch

“A cut above most action cinema and one of the best cop movies in recent memory.”

Tower Heist

“Has it’s moments with a solid cast, but is still a poor man’s version of ‘Ocean’s 11.'”

The Lincoln Lawyer

“Part morality thriller, part courtroom drama with a lead character who is never fully explored.”

The Lucky Ones

“A set of stories far too unbelievable to latch onto in any way.”

Michael Peña – Shooter

“I didn’t get an agent until my second or third gig. I didn’t even know you needed one. I just kept going to open calls. I thought that’s the way Marlon Brando did it.”