Ep. 83 – Ghostbusters, a long discussion of the legacy of Tim Duncan, and too many words on Chris Christie’s FUPA

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In this episode of The CineSnob Podcast, Cody, Kiko, and Jerrod review “Ghostbusters” and wax nostalgic on the career of Tim Duncan, who retired from the San Antonio Spurs earlier in the week.

[00:00-45:26] Intro/”RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion” & “Jaws on the Water” recap/”Bridesmaids” preview/Tim Duncan memories

[45:26-1:10:30] “Ghostbusters” review

[1:10:30-1:22:22] Wrap up/tease next episode

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Ep. 45 – Avengers: Age of Ultron, Clouds of Sils Maria, Tales of the Grim Sleeper, Josh Trank dropped from Star Wars, Robert Downey Jr. disses indie filmmakers, and the guys commiserate over the San Antonio Spurs being eliminated from the NBA playoffs

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In this week’s episode of The CineSnob Podcast, the guys from CineSnob.net review “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Clouds of Sils Maria,” and “Tales of the Grim Sleeper.” They also discuss Josh Trank being removed from his Star Wars standalone film, Robert Downey Jr. making negative comments about the indpendent film industry, and the guys talk a little sports.

[0:00-24:37] Intro, Spurs talk, Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight talk, & Dazed and Confused screening tease
[24:37-36:08] Josh Trank dropped from Star Wars anthology film
[36:08-48:07] Robert Downey Jr. disses indie filmmakers
[48:07-1:17:55] Avengers: Age of Ultron
[1:17:55-1:28:11] Clouds of Sils Maria
[1:28:11-1:43:18] Tales of the Grim Sleeper
[1:43:18-1:53:19] Teases for next week and close

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Lakers fan, comedian George Lopez says he appreciates the Spurs

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He might be a lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan, but comedian George Lopez can appreciate a team that has made it to the NBA playoffs 17 straight times.

“I wouldn’t bet against [the Spurs] this year,” Lopez, 53, told me during a phone interview this past week to promote his upcoming stand-up comedy performances at the Majestic Theater Oct. 24-26.

Despite the rivalry between the Spurs and Lakers, which peaked in the late 90s and early 00s, Lopez doesn’t have any ill will toward the Spurs at all. He says he’s a fan of sound basketball no matter who is playing against his beloved Lakers.

“Hatred towards another team is unnecessary,” Lopez said. “You have to appreciate that maybe some of the best players aren’t on your team. You can admire them.”

Some of those players on current and past Spurs’ rosters, Lopez mentions, include Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Sean Elliott and Bruce Bowen.

“I always enjoyed watching those guys play,” Lopez said. “In these times when there are fewer great players, I think you should enjoy seeing Tim play whether he plays for your team or not.”

As for the 2014 NBA Championship, Lopez was all about the silver and black.

“I was rooting for San Antonio to beat Miami because I don’t like when you put a team together [like Miami] did,” Lopez said. “San Antonio and Coach [Pop] put a team together the way coaches did it the first time anyone played basketball. You do it by playing team, fundamental, solid basketball. That beats flash every time. [San Antonio] wore them down.”

Carlos Mencia mindful of Spurs

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For someone who is as active on his Twitter account as stand-up comedian Carlos Mencia, he sure doesn’t have much to read on his Twitter feed from the users he follows.

Although he has over 41,000 followers himself, Mencia, who joined Twitter in March 2009, is currently following only 37 other Twitter users. This includes comedians like Whitney Cummings, Amy Schumer, and Ellen DeGeneres.

It also includes the official page for the 2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. Some might consider it an odd choice for Mencia since he lives in Los Angeles and considers himself a diehard Lakers fan, but Mencia doesn’t think so.

“I just respect the way the Spurs play,” Mencia, 46, told me during a phone interview to help promote his tour stop at San Antonio’s LOL Comedy Club August 15-17. “I love the way they approach the game.”

Impressed with San Antonio’s play this past season, Mencia, best known for his four season hosting the Comedy Central TV show “Mind of Mencia,” credits the Spurs determination as the reason they were able to earn their fifth championship in franchise history in June.

“The Spurs let it get away from them and lost it last year,” Mencia said. “But for them to learn from their mistakes and come back and win it this year is awesome and amazing.”

Mencia also says he’s in awe of the devoted nature of the team over the last 18 seasons.

“Guys like [Gregg] Popovich don’t exist anymore,” Mencia said. “You don’t have coaches loyal to one team through thick and thin. You don’t have guys like Duncan anymore. Just look what we’re going through with [LeBron James]. This is what [the NBA] has become. It’s a business.”

The Spurs, he says, are the only team in the NBA that wouldn’t allow themselves to get mixed up in the hype.

“What if LeBron had said, ‘I want to play for the Spurs?’ What if he said, ‘I guarantee I will play in San Antonio for at least 10 years, but I don’t want to play with Tim Duncan,’ who probably will play for only a couple more seasons? The Spurs are the only team in the NBA that wouldn’t take that offer.”

To purchase tickets to see Carlos Mencia on stage August 15-17 at the LOL Comedy Club, visit lolsanantonio.com.