The Children Act

“A major opportunity is missed when the script chooses to take a clumsy route…when it hits the homestretch.”

Final Portrait

“Armie Hammer adequately plays what is ultimately the equivalent of a bowl of fruit.”


“Takes the research and backroom politics of investigative journalism and turns it into an art form.”

The Company You Keep

“Director Robert Redford’s inability to draw out more emotional conflict from the script is its greatest letdown.”

Jack the Giant Slayer

“The CGI giants are pretty good, but the noisy finish can’t make up for the film’s overall mediocrity.”

The Hunger Games

“A perfectly cast Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role makes up for a lot of the film’s problem areas.”

Easy A

“Despite Emma Stone’s enjoyable performance, the film is all snap and no substance.”

The Lovely Bones

“An intriguing first act…but ultimately as pretty and flat as a watercolor painting.”

Julie & Julia

“As delicate, satisfying as the caramelized sugar covering of crème brulee.”

What Just Happened?

“It’s a cynical little piece that’s all talk and no action.”