Beautiful Boy

“An insightful and uplifting father-son story where unconditional love is the real star of the film.”

Ep. 106 – American Made, Battle of the Sexes, Gerald’s Game, Fantastic Fest recap, and home video reviews of Wonder Woman, The Big Sick and A Ghost Story

After some technical difficulties, The CineSnob Podcast is back for the 106th time with reviews of “American Made,” “Battle of the Sexes” and “Gerald’s Game.” Cody also fills us in on his time at Fantastic Fest, and reviews home video releases of “Wonder Woman,” “The Big Sick” and “A Ghost Story.” Click here to download […]

Battle of the Sexes

“More interested in telling a lustful love story than it is talking about equality, gender gaps or even tennis.”

The Big Short

“An exaggerated ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ that registers as phony and too shallow for its own good.”


“Somber and unquestionably dark, yet it is slow moving to the point of feeling labored and cold.”

Anchorman 2

“Moreso than the first go-round, the sequel has a definite satirical edge.”

The Way, Way Back

“Unpolished…much of the dialogue is cliché and jokes frequently miss their mark.”

Despicable Me 2

“The Minions are given tons more to do in the sequel and don’t disappoint.”

Crazy, Stupid, Love

“There’s something genuinely refreshing about its soft heart, honesty, and squareness.”