Ep. 137 – Joker, Mister America

This week on The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod run head-on into the polarizing and problematic JOKER and fail to get totally in on the joke of MISTER AMERICA. Click here to download the episode!

War Dogs

“There’s harrowing ugly-truth-telling to keep things entertaining and eye-opening all the way through.”

The Hangover Part III

“To say it isn’t funny is a true statement, but for the first hour it really isn’t trying to be.”

The Hangover Part II

“Will indulge fans who are fine with the same jokes and set-ups of the original movie.”

Due Date

“A dim-witted road trip…that wants to be both stupid and sincere all in the same breath.”

The Hangover

“Leading men keep the raunchy comedy from going into Tom Green-mode.”