Ep. 116 – Venom, A Star is Born

The CineSnob Podcast returns from its summer abroad, with reviews of “Venom” and “A Star is Born.” Cody also gives us a recap of Fantastic Fest, and we remind you to go download our friend Greg Sestero’s movie “Best F(r)iends: Vol. 1.” Click here to download the episode!


“The weird desire to turn the inky black monster into a do-gooder…blunts the whole thing from the start.”


“Nolan has created nothing less than a cinematic marvel…visually breathtaking, ambitious and stirring.”

Mad Max: Fury Road

“Amazing mix of physical and CGI effects…The story just isn’t there to take the enjoyment to the next level.”

The Drop

“A smart, seething production led by a striking performance by actor Tom Hardy.”


“Suspenseful…The film gives actor Tom Hardy an incredibly diverse scale of emotions to work from.”

The Dark Knight Rises

“Feels epic…but this final chapter doesn’t necessarily reach its full potential.”