The Front Runner

“Like all politicians, the film is flawed. As Gary Hart, Hugh Jackman is genuinely believable.”


“There’s not much room for anything else to breathe with Farmiga’s exaggeratedly neurotic character.”

The Conjuring

“Goes for the slow burn and forgoes the cheap scares typically awaiting moviegoers.”

Safe House

“An exceedingly routine spy thriller…that will easily be lost among the mediocrity come March.”

Higher Ground

“Farmiga’s first go-around as director doesn’t translate to a narrative with purpose.”

Source Code

“An exciting and smart sci-fi story that proves original ideas still exist out there.”

Up in the Air

“Full of charming and touching anecdotes. The film soars as one of the year’s best.”


“It’s really surprising how entertaining ‘Orphan’ is in all its preposterousness.”