Ariana DeBose – I.S.S.

“I feel when I am not working or creatively stimulated in some way, I’m sort of suffocating.”

CineSnob’s Top 10 Films of 2023

Here are Kiko, Cody and Jerrod’s Top 10 Films of 2023 lists. Cody and Jerrod’s thoughts about each film can be heard on The CineSnob Podcast linked below. Kiko’s blurb reviews can be read on this page.

Allison Moore – Wish

“When you first see the animation, it’s mind blowing. It’s the most exhilarating thing.”

Eugenio Derbez – Radical

“There’s another side of Mexico that [Hollywood] is not showing. Those are the stories I like to tell.”

Eli Roth – Thanksgiving

“My least favorite side dish is a human head because everybody fights over the eyeballs and the tongue.”