Ep. 146 – Top 10 of 2019 & Top 10 of the decade

On this year- and decade-ending mega-sized episode of The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod run down their top ten movies of 2019, and dig into the archives to compare their top ten films of the 2010s! Click here to download the episode!


“Affecting…Director Haneke’s gentle way of conducting the issues at hand are natural and poetic.”

Identity Thief

“Digs for cheap, lazy laughs rooted in a woman of Melissa McCarthy’s size doing physical acts.”

Rust and Bone

“Director Audiard brings his very unique style and elevates everything from the screenplay forward.”

Zero Dark Thirty

“Outstandingly acted, thoroughly cohesive and profoundly intriguing…Best film of 2012.”

Not Fade Away

“A film marred with undeveloped plot lines, choppy editing and a serious lack of direction.”

Jack Reacher

“The film never quite takes off and ascends above typical crime thriller material.”

Les Misérables

“Aside from the beautiful technical aspects, it can only be described as a grandiloquent mistake.”

This is 40

“The film belongs to Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann who turn already funny lines into hilarious one-liners.”

The Guilt Trip

“An amusing (if not laugh-out-loud funny) screenplay from Disney and Pixar vet Dan Fogelman.”

The Hobbit

“Slides easily into the groove that turned the ‘Rings’ trilogy into blockbusters.”


“A disappointment. Deserved more than getting showering over with narrative inelegance.”