Ep. 146 – Top 10 of 2019 & Top 10 of the decade

On this year- and decade-ending mega-sized episode of The CineSnob Podcast, Cody and Jerrod run down their top ten movies of 2019, and dig into the archives to compare their top ten films of the 2010s! Click here to download the episode!

The Past

“For those who like a good mystery…Farhadi’s subtle narrative style is emotionally satisfying.”

The Great Beauty

“Successful in showing the allure of Rome, but many other aspects stand on shaky ground.”

Labor Day

“An extreme disappointment. Ends up being a waste of a lot of great talent.”


“Jonze creates an accepting and believable world wherein a lonely man can fall in love with A.I.”

Lone Survivor

“Overblown action sequences and ridiculous stunts spell disaster for the film.”

August: Osage County

“The film gets by based on the strength of its acting, especially Julia Roberts.”

The Wolf of Wall Street

“Director Martin Scorsese slips into this filmmaking style like it’s a well-worn shoe.”

Anchorman 2

“Moreso than the first go-round, the sequel has a definite satirical edge.”

American Hustle

“Appears to have the intention of being something grander and more clever than what it actually is.”


“Director Payne has made one of his most well-refined and charming films to date.”